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FYI: We are finished collecting music for season 2, but we're looking for music for when we start development for season 3, which will be Ghost in the Shell(SAC) - 2nd Gig.

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ReAnimix TV is a program on this network that re-engineers anime, movies, TV shows, .etc, with music from our indie world. Put a new spin on music promotion through shows. ReAnimix always encourages their watchers to support the efforts of the original creators of the re-engineered works, shown at the bottom of the page.

Make sure you checkout our weekly cable and internet ReAnimix showings to see if your tunes get featured in the next episode! Weekly showings are every tuesdays and saturdays.

Our current show being re-done is: Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex

Click here for info on the original

To submit tracks to be played, you can submit below or email your tracks to You will be notified if your track is used in an episode/movie before it airs. Decisions are made based on feel, vibe, and the contents of the episode in question. Please don't worry if you don't immediately see your submission, as it will probably be a good fit later on, or on another show. Be patient. If you submit something that we don't like, we'll let you know so you aren't tearing your hair out. You can send music projects links or simply ask questions here

Type of most preferred formats: WAV, Flac, or AIFF, but will accept .mp3

As we know that our preferred formats aren't typically small enough for email, so you can use this button to send larger files:

Send us the preferred formats through WeTransfer!

We have two parts to our hour long shows. The first half is dedicated to the anime portion. The second half includes:

  • Interviews
  • Music Videos
  • Other Videos
  • Music Reviews
  • Live Performances
  • anything to support grass roots movements

If you want to learn how to submit videos and music for review, go to those corresponding sections on this page

If you have music videos, short shows, .etc to submit to be shown during the secon half of the show, please be aware of the following:

  • Desired pixel ratio: 16:9
  • Desired video size: minimum 1280x720
  • Prefer HD quality videos
  • Time limit of 10 mins
  • Type of formats desired: MOV, MP4, AVI, will accept WMV
  • Show times will be discussed personally
  • Will also accept Youtube/Facebook/Vimeo links

To submit videos to be played on air, or to ask additional questions or link submissions please email You will be contacted in a timely matter, so be patient. If you submit something that we don't like, we'll let you know so you aren't tearing your hair out. Any other question regarding the submission process can be asked here

Send us the preferred formats through WeTransfer!

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