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If you have commercials, promos, .etc to submit to be shown during our shows, please be aware of the following:

  • Ensure text is both legible and clear in regards to info regarding promotion(release date, location, .etc).
  • Always include text to support audio for usablity.
  • Desired pixel ratio: 16:9
  • Desired video size: minimum 1280x720
  • Prefer HD quality videos
  • Time limit of up to 30secs
  • Type of formats desired: MOV, MP4, AVI, will accept WMV
  • In original correspondence, please include desired show dates
  • Ads show times will be discussed personally
  • Can even be graphic images of the same dimensions(preferred)

To submit advertisements to be played on air, or to ask additional questions please email You will be contacted in a timely matter, so be patient. Only thing we ask is that we don't receive any promos for typical trap music. If it's gonna be trap, we need for it to be very musical. If you submit something that we don't like, we'll let you know so you aren't tearing your hair out. Any other question regarding the advertisement process can be asked here

There are plenty of tools out there that will help you with storage and sending larger files, like, to name a couple