About The Indie Exchange Television Network


The Indie Exchange Television Network (TINDEXTV) is a network dedicated to ONLY supporting indie and grass roots movements. You will not find any mention or co-signing anyone who's a part of the industry or hollywood scene. ReAnimix may redub some movies from that world, but the focus will be on the indie music that gets featured on them.

For too long, we have given too much power for other people, who have no interest in our own well being, to save us from the snares of death and ignorance. They aren't going to do that. That's the whole point. They want you dependent on them, so that they can feed you anything. We have to do that for ourselves.

TINDEXTV is here to provide that alternative network and world for those who can't find it anywhere else. It's here to promote growth, prosperity, and independence from the golden tit.

Artonius Tsetsuna

The creator of TINDEXTV and ReAnimix. He's also the engineer of the whole network.